Young Dooby


He’s energetic, bold, vibrant, & lyrical. Young Dooby is the epitome of a Jamaican descendant. Deeply rooted by the struggles he’s encountered throughout life, young Dooby harnessed his storytelling abilities.

From winning open mic competitions, local showcases, and freestyle battles Mr. 7-7-duece A/K/A the local celebrity was embroider beside his name. Now Dooby has begun to grow branches from trunk he’s nourished so well. Young Dooby has performing in night clubs locally, and regionally. He gained clothing sponsorship by foreign lavish in just 2 months after restructuring his focus. The buzz factor in Palm Beach and Saint Lucie county has began. The new single Foreign Lavish was on the new radio  station 102.3 for 12 weeks straight, and Dooby was selected by as their featured artist.

With track piled in front of him, Young Dooby suggest you to prepare for the upcoming release of “Brown Paper Bag” in 2014. “it’s going to be the most well rounded mix-tape you’ve ever heard in the south”, says Young Dooby.

When asked, what is music to you? Young Dooby replied, “it’s my avenue to release what’s inside of me. From the grimiest person to the most honest you can find something in my music for you. "welcome to a new era in hip-hop" , "he will not lose."