Vic West Sets Bar For African Musicians As ‘Kuna Kuna’ Goes International

Kuna Kuna

By Isaac Tugume

If there is any artist who is on everybody’s mind currently in Africa then it is producer Vic West, whose monster hit record ‘Kuna Kuna’ has since conquered the airwaves.

Featuring Fathermoh, Thee Exit Band, Brandy Maina and Savara, ‘Kuna Kuna’ has become so volatile that many enthusiasts agree that it is a benchmark for great music not only in Kenya but also across the globe.

‘Kuna Kuna’ is such a powerful jam that it is slated to clock 2M YouTube views within just 3 weeks of its release, a target very few songs done by African artists have managed to make.

With this legendary song ‘Kuna Kuna’ Vic West, who is also an ace producer and songwriter solidifies his name as one of the best artists alive to ever do it in the Kenyan music scene.

According to Vic West, ‘Kuna Kuna’ is a musical journey highlighting the importance of having those genuine moments with fellow artists and depicting authenticity of their unique talents.

If you haven’t streamed ‘Kuna Kuna’, then we invite you to tap the link to stream the video on YouTube.


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