Silalishi EP By Swat Matire Features Among Top New Projects Of The Week

Swat Matire

By Isaac Tugume

Fast-rising Kenyan rapper Swat Matire released a new album titled ‘Silalishi’ a few days ago, which has since made him become the focus of music enthusiasts

Composed of 7 heart-pounding jams, Silalishi has captured the attention of Kenyan rap music critics and fans alike, with everyone having their varying opinions about this project.

It is because of the attention Silalishi is commanding in the industry that it has since been ranked among the top music projects of this week, according to popular Kenyan music analytics Charts 254.

Although  the list features other music projects, Silalishi is very outstanding especially because Swat Matire has not been around the rap game for too long yet he is already making great strides.

His new studio project comprises the following reverberating jams; ‘Silalishi’, ‘Finyo’ ft Wakali Wao, ‘Maziwa’, ‘Drip’, ‘Sleepover’ ft Shekinah Karen, ‘Bleki’ ft Rekles and ‘Hustling’.

Meanwhile, Swat Matire has since released a video for the project’s cover track ‘Silalishi’, which is already doing rounds on Kenyan TV stations and is available for streaming on YouTube.

Besides YouTube however, the project Silalishi also features on Mdundo and other digital platforms for easier accessibility and streaming by fans.

You can click the links to either stream ‘Silalishi’ the video or the full EP on YouTube. 


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