Pharoah Davinci

I am Pharoah, my life is far from simple, I’m afraid of dying but I’m not satisfied with living. I write music, but 2 you it’s just rapping. I accept her but when I do, you don’t accept me. I am, what I write, so I want u 2 bite.  I love Egypt, I run dis shit, Pharaoh's change: --- Pharoah Is changing, the myth is getting different, he Is going toward a new direction, he's undergoing modifications. The critics speak what is this transformation, Transition, or substitution To begin my own revolution started this race to change I’m pursuing feel me in the air Sacramento I’m polluting insane maybe I’m changing mentally and physically dramatically its all crazy I’m looking at my own personality your life’s a show mine will always be reality I started out a small drug systematically I'm ecstasy that’s why you love me I’m owtta this world.  I am lyrical gravity, it’s ugly as you can see, Pharoah is changing the heart of a bull, so I’m raging old school flow but Pharoah is never aging, please don’t judge me.  You don’t know me, you haven’t met me.  I was just Myspacing change, said Barack so Pharoah is changing half man half divine now you may praise me now do you know me if so show me have you met me I am what I write I’m a blessing you've just met me your royalty his majesty I ask that you see I’m still changing!! Change is he and I’m still changing, meet X, meet King, meet Kennedy, believe in Jesus, see Pharoah!