Out Now: Tarel Tala’s New Album ‘Star Made’ Premiers

Tarel Tala

By Isaac Tugume

Gifted Ugandan Afropop star Tarel Tala has blessed fans with his long-awaited sizzling new album ‘Star Made’, which premiered on Thursday September, 2022.

Tarel Tala’s new album ‘Star Made’, which is distributing on digital streaming platforms via Black Market Records, is a soothing compilation of soft, love ballads.

A product of hard work, resilience and great vocal skills, Tarel Tala’s album Star Made features the following tracks: ‘Matta’,  ‘Biluma’, ‘Jukila’ ft Bash Killa, ‘Busy’, ‘Wamma’, ‘Asalawo’, ‘Gumpangudde’, ‘Chemical Reaction’ and ‘Dream With Me’.

‘Star Made’ as a studio project not only exhibits Tarel Tala’s musical maturity but is also proof that he has the capacity to keep his fan base well-catered for with a variety of music.

This freshly signed artist from Black Market Records is already doing wonders and moving at a pace like never before in the Ugandan music industry.

This is because his music catalog speaks for itself and his nine-track album is a clear manifestation of his musical might.

Click the link to go stream ‘Star Made’ by Tarel Tala on YouTube to enjoy all the love ballads he has to offer.


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