Ochungulo Family Back To Musically Unite Gengetone Fans

By Brenda Ochwald.

Liquor Store by Ochungulo Family is captivating and plays on repeat in your memory long after you’ve stopped listening to it. You just can’t deny how fun the song is, and it always seems to spark excitement in the listener.

This new song has catchy beats from Jegede, clever lyrics, and a sense of humor that appeals gengetone fans. Ochungulo Family have been praised for their ability to create bombastic music that is both entertaining and socially conscious and Liquor Store is no different. The song’s been making rounds on radio stations and television too, going further to receive lots of praise from fans and critics.

Overall, Ochungulo Family is a talented and innovative group that is making waves in the Kenyan music scene and with this upbeat song, they are set to break a lot of boundaries.

Do check out this new track Liquor Store and share your views on it;



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