Nicca Sicc

Born 19 nine tre in south flawda father dipped on me n moms wen i was a git like 1 or 2 stepdad liked to yell n hit me in 3rd grade used to rap an bump rundmc slicc ricc an wear addidas wit no lace in 4th grade used to jacc shit out niggaz bacc paccz for tha fun of it got arrested age12 in 6th grade for misdemenor battery and felony weapon possesion on school grounds,began drinking nyquil and robotussin to get fuccd up,learned to play guitar bass and drumz in 8th grade also first time i tried sherm, got suspended from skool in 9th grade for havin cough medz at skool started makin money wit musicc and startd huffing gas,age 16got expelled in 11th grade for marijuana possesion/parphanalia on skool groundz moved in wit my deadbeat dadz sister in fort pierce an started crippn got kiccd out of there and  finally moved in wit my drug deala dad an started hittn liccz then me an my OG Jett robbed my own doja deala

 and then inevitably got kicced out onto da streets of fort lauderdale were eventually i was "rescued" by my momz wen she had me commited into ubc behavioral medical center(psych hospital) for a week wich led to me gettin transferrd to another mental place in orlando for a month got out an was put on lithium to make me a zombie,age 18 stoppd takin dat shit and became manic(i have bipolar disorder) ran away to my nigga Dmajikk's house in tennakey to get hi az fucc off da tennessee chiccen got fuccd ovr by my cuz wen he left me in tennessee evn tho i didnt kno anyone started i hustlin hard to get my wieght up again n had to live wit da only hoe i knew and ended up gettn her prgnant wit twinz so i started smokin an slangin in kentuky 2,19 got arrested and roughd up by sum rednecc copz an sent to claiborne county jail said fucc that n jumped head first off da second story into da concrete stood up an got sent to

 lakeview mental center in knoxville Tn where i spent christmas an my birthday,may 25th 2012 while in da garage smokin waitin to go to da hospital da cops kicc the fuccn door in tryna catch me wit greenery so i shot myself instead of goin to da crazy house woke up in da hospital 1week later out da coma an had to learn to talk walk and eat again but by day3 i was rappin(still couldnt really tlk tho) moved bacc to da gunshine state an went bacc to bangin slangin an blazin