Mbuzi Gang Capture Hearts With ‘Soko’ ft Harry Craze, Unspoken Salaton & Vic West.

Mastering the music craft is helping Kenyan singing trio the Mbuzi Gang to fast-track their music career, because whatever they touch seems to turn to gold.
The Mbuzi Gang, a group composed of singers iPhoolish, Joefes and Fathermoh, is currently doing enjoying the limelight in Kenya and across East Africa with their new jam ‘Soko’, which features Harry Craze, Unspoken Salaton and Vic West.


Although Harry Craze, Unspoken Salaton and Vic West compliment the Mbuzi Gang’s vocals to come up with a great project like ‘Soko’, it is their unmatched talent that has placed the Gang on top notch level in the Kenyan entertainment industry, which sets them apart from the stiff competition in the music business.

Mbuzi Gang X Unspoken Sultan X Harry Craze X Vic West

The Mbuzi Gang’s music journey goes on and on, which will make you want to dig into their works; but rest assured that ever since they landed a recording deal with Black Market Records, the boys are on a steady course to success.
Currently, their new song ‘Soko’ is playing widely in night clubs and bars, plus on radio stations, whereas the video has since gone viral on TV stations.
It should be noted that the Mbuzi Gang have since dropped the official video for ‘Soko’, which is already going viral, with over 75K views on YouTube and still counting.
You can stream ‘Soko’ and everything Mbuzi Gang on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes or on any other digital music streaming platforms.


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