Luchiano Brigante


Luchiano Brigante was born on November 15, 1989 in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in Los Angeles, life was different for Luchiano. Being born to an alcoholic mother he, and his other siblings found themselves in the care of the Department of Children & Family Services. Reggie, aka Luchiano Brigante, recalls seeing family members and friends indulging in the life of gang-banging. He would later follow in they're footsteps. Fatherless and his mother being hooked on drugs, the streets quickly became a second home for him. Being in foster care he was teased by other children for being a bastard child and not living with his parents. He didn't go unnoticed however, Luchiano's intelligence was acknowledged by his caretakers and he usually helped his foster brothers and sisters with their homework and was noticed as leader. He also had another unseen talent, Luchiano was gifted in  basketball and became one of the best in his neighborhood and school. Basketball was his first love. At around the age of 13, Reggie saw a friend of his get murdered in front of him, for his shoes. That was moment his life changed. Around 2003, Luchiano buried his childhood friend and started gang-banging full fledge.  This was one of many hardships of his adolescence. Becoming part of a Los Angeles street gang, (Eastside Hard Time Hustla Crips) Luchiano felt his mother and father were to blame for his life being so difficult and the path that was forced for him to partake.  Reggie attended George Washington Preparatory High School and most of the students that were gang affiliated were Crips.


Sports began to play a role in his life. He played point guard on the basketball team. He also ran track and did various other sports, but never stuck with it due to his gang life.  At the age of 16, he became a father. This was another defining moment, he states that his daughter was the only thing that made him re-evaluate his life. Luchiano graduated in 2007 and moved out of his aunts house into his grandmothers home. While trying to work on his life he was thrown off course and went back to the streets. This time it lead him to more troubles, being shot and jailed. Being incarcerated, Luchiano missed his daugthers first steps and her first words. Fueled by the pain of not being able to be with his child Reggie began transitioning from the street life to the business mind set. Now 23 years of age Luchiano is older & smarter. Currently the C.E.O. of the Team Clothing Line Co. that he built from the ground up, he plans on taking over world one brick at a time starting with the fashion and music world. Signing a record deal with Black Market Records, Luchiano Brigante now has what he calls "the final chess piece" in his plan to make an everlasting and unforgettable empire.

Luchiano always had a love for music but never seen his life in music, until one day everything changed. Being blessed with the opportunity to work with Black Market C.E.O. Cedric Singleton, Reggie than began to see the vision that calls his destiny.


With musical idols that inspire him from Lil Boosie, The Game, 2 Pac, Jay Z & Kanye West, Luchiano's style is gritty, cocky, intellectual & witty. He will have you at the edge of your seat anticipating what he will come up with next. The driving force behind Luchianos' hunger comes from him growing up the way the was forced to be raised, no money, living in the ghetto, wanting a way out of the life he knew. Inspired by his childen & family Luchiano thrives to take over the hip hop game & leave his mark.