Joefes & Ssaru Discuss Relationship Problems In New Video ‘Ukicheat’


By Isaac Tugume

There are so many couples out there facing relationship problems and love woes out there but musicians Joefes and Ssaru have the right message for them in their new video ‘Ukicheat’’.

 In their latest collabo ‘Ukicheat’, this talented Kenyan duo tackle problems that most lovers face in a relationship, top on the list being unfaithfulness.

 Dropping on YouTube next week, ‘Ukicheat’, which comes off Joefes’ new album N.M.N.M (Nikoo Maji Naflood Market’, is a song that many people will easily relate with, because there are several couples facing relationship problems, especially cheating.

In the video, Ssaru acts as the jilted lover who is accusing her boyfriend, Joefes, of cheating, as he denies and pleads with her to understand, a situation that many people in relationships encounter.

With ‘Ukicheat’, which is another epic product from  Black Market Records, Joefes and Ssaru are bound to touch the souls of thousands of fans across the world.

Actually, it is a very emotion-arousing song that pierces directly into the heart of whoever will listen to it, just like Cupid’s arrow.

We invite you to tap the link and check out the trailer for ‘Ukicheat’ as you look out for the real video.


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