Is It Just Me by Joefes ft Unspoken Salaton To Premier On YouTube.

By Brenda Ochwald.

The Joefes featuring Unspoken Salaton new song, Is It Just Me, sees them taking turns rapping about relatable youth issues and comical instances you’d find yourself head bopping to or foot thumping.

Joefes and Unspoken Salaton posted a couple of insight-visualisers on their Tiktok pages and Instagram rising anticipation of the song and from these we see a unique work of art.

Today you can enjoy Is It Just Me’s audio on any digital streaming platform there and hop on to the many Tiktok challenges.

Many of their fans have been waiting for a release from Joefes and Unspoken Salaton and Is It Just Me is worth the wait.

Now if you want to enjoy this beauty and be really thrilled then you have come to the right place. Stream Is It Just Me by Joefes and Unspoken Salaton below.


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