iPhoolish Scores a 10/10 With His New Project,Yinga EP.

By Brenda Ochwald.

An incredible body of work! iPhoolish refreshingly continues to surprise us by just how versatile and talented he is!

Coming through with Yinga, this 5-song feels lighter, bolder and more elated with every listen. The upbeat, party-pop collection not only draws inspiration from legendary gengetone musical artists and genres, infusing the sounds of Unco Jingjong, Fathermoh, Thee Exit Band, Unspoken Salaton, Katapilla and Rico Gang’s Harrycraze to create an ambitious, fresh and nostalgic body of work.

The Ep, as iPhoolish intended, inspires us to find love, dance and freedom in this busy world. Presenting Napenda Wote as his first and standout track, iPhoolish enlists the help of his band members, Mbuzi Gang, Thee Exit Band and Unco Jingjong in this party bop.

The gang introduced this piece of art to their fans and they couldn’t be happier. The track alongside the Ep is out on digital streaming platforms and attracting a wild mass on TikTok.

Check out Yinga Ep below; https://open.spotify.com/album/2zkSoisn7kPVhKHEBos1sY


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