Born on May 6, 1992 and reigning from Seaside, California, the conscious yet hardcore emcee/producer Isaac Argueta (also known by stage name Insanity, the mad scientist), grew up a quiet child of Hispanic decent in a gang troubled neighborhood with poor but hard working parents who also shared musical talents. His mother was passionate in her singing and dancing while his father also sung and played both acoustic and bass guitar. Isaac spent much time with his mother and recollects how she would sing many songs that would come on the Spanish radio stations during rides in the car. Because of all this, music always drew Isaac's attention.

     Young Isaac was exposed to Rap at an early age because of his cousin Cesar, who would play a variety of old school classics ranging from Outkast to 2pac. Later on, Isaac expanded his interest in rap music by listening to other Hip Hop icons such as The Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, Ludacris and so on. Once Isaac was 10, he decided to write a rap but was not pleased with the outcome. Regardless, he kept writing, sometimes challenged with his own criticism. He accredits his brother Jonathan, for reassurance that he needed to not give up and continue thriving in his passion for music. As he progressed, he started making Rap groups here and there with friends who were impressed by his rhyme schemes. Consistently however, he would be let down by his friends due to their lack of seriousness in their respective groups, leaving Isaac to have no other option but to flourish on his own.

     When Isaac was 15, his friend Agustin installed Fruity Loops (a compositional music program) on Isaac's computer. Another friend by the name of James would later explain to him how to produce and encouraged him to only to later find that Isaac would exceed in the skill of producing auditory art. It wasn't until Isaac was 18 that he, along with good high school friends: Matt Rockwell and Isaac Iglesias, would form a dedicated group that created music under the title Afflicted Knowledge.

     As far as personal attributes, Insanity's beats bring an old school raw feel complimented by intricate and well written lyrics. However, his scope is not just limited to that but, Insanity also lingers into consciousness with smooth sounding beats, accompanied by lyrics which express political and social issues. These stem back to his life's everyday predicaments as well as influence from his idol J-Dilla, a prominent and well respected producer.

     Insanity explains his style of rapping as “tons of old school flavor mixed with a bit of new.” As far as his producing, he explains it is too versatile to be categorized. “When it comes to beats, I can't really say what my style's like, because I'm inspired by everything ranging from Classical and Jazz to Rock and Hip Hop. I'm always making beats differently, you know? Not always the same feel because sometimes I'll make a boom bap Hip Hop beat and other times it's an RnB single or even a Blues or Jazz sounding beat. I'm really strict on my drum sounds. To me they are everything because I'll always make sure that it's worth hearing and captures your attention. I'll catch your head nodding, watch!”