GatorMann started making music in Charleston, SC aka Chuck Town at the ripe age of eleven.  His stage name GatorMann (Jemetric G.) was giving to him by some friends in the neighborhood because of his  sound being so ruff and grimy. He wanted to have a style that was unique and cutting edge, that would be incomparable to anyone else. So he wrote his own music for people to rock too.  His musical inspirations are artist by the likes of Beenie Man, Mavado, Sizzla, Vegas, Lady Saw, The sexy Tonya Stephens and many more. One thing that he wanted to make clear to everyone is that Reggae has its own style, but the Gullah style is a language used by the Africans who were brought here as slave from Sierra Leone. The Gullah culture located in the Charleston area of South Caroline has preserved much of it African flair.
In 2008 Mr.O (Manager) of Total Ent now Gullah Muzik heard his style at a local event and there was the name Gullah Rasta born, in order to show the difference between the two languages. Make no mistake, the Gullah Rasta style is a force to be reckoned with (Ladies) not everyone can do it!