First Destination Ep By Von Prince Now On All Streaming Platforms.

By Brenda,

Von Prince is among the Kenyan Gengetone rappers who took the industry by storm as it rose a few years ago. The lad grew up in Mathare slums in Narobi and is conversant to Sheng language and city slang which he applies in his songs.

He is popularly known for his song, Furahiday of 2019 featuring Team Ganji and Vuva.
When Kata Furahiday came out, it created a huge sensation and was a club banger. The easy beats and effortless flow of his words appealed to anyone and everyone. Von Prince\’s flirtatious, dirty lyrics, coupled with his hardcore nature has made him one of the most sought out after gengetone artist.

He sings aggressively and always gets his fans to dance along to his tune. Von Prince is a member of Kenya\’s group Team Ganji and signed at Black Market Records to generate sales and streams of his music. He has a number of recorded songs and has collaborated with some of the Gengetone scenes biggest names like Smady from Mbogi Genje, Akasha and Seska from Ethic Entertainment.

This is a young, talented and ambitious man who is currently dropping his EP soon. He mostly talks about his ghetto and street life, the hustle that comes with it and his journey up.


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