City Rock Entertainment Thrill Ugandans With Sizzling ‘Gwake’ Video.

Ugandan singing group City Rock Entertainment continues to shake up Uganda’s music industry with their ever-enticing music.
With a very long catalogue of songs, City Rock is enjoying massive airplay on various TV stations in Uganda and one of their jams titled ‘Gwake’, which features DJ Hearts, is rocking the airwaves nowadays.

Gwake- Dj Hearts X City Rock Entertainment

A purely love song, ‘Gwake’, which can be translated to mean ‘Let it burn’, is laden with passionate vibes that the singers express as a set of sweet, ticklish lyrics.
Produced by Nessim Pan Production and directed by Arkmenz, ‘Gwake’, which is distributing via Black Market, leaves whoever listens to it swaying rhythmically and watching the video will get you glued on your screen without blinking.

Gwake- Dj Hearts X City Rock Ent

City Rock is comprised of three talented female artists who include; Whitney, Krystyn and Michelle.
The group specializes in different genres such as Afro-beat, Afro-pop, Hip-hop, dancehall, RnB, folk , reggae and Gospel music.
They started out as a dancing group in 2006 with both boys and girls but later transformed from a dancing group to a dancing and singing group in 2010.
In early 2018, the group decided to concentrate on singing only and they have over the years dropped several successful songs that include; ‘Empeta’, ‘Vitamin’ ft Kent & Flosso, ‘Teddy Tereza’ ft King Saha, ‘Bikunta’ ft Daddy Andre, ‘Kiri Okay’, among others.


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