C-Bo, born Shawn "Cowboy" Thomas on 1971 in the Garden Blocc area of Sacramento, CA, has sold over 3.4 million albums independently. He has worked with some of rap’s biggest talents such as Tupac (2pac) Shakur, E-40, Yukmouth, Spice 1, Dru Down, Kokane, Jayo Felony, JT the Bigga Figga, Mac Mall, Mob Figaz and Brotha Lynch Hung. He appeared on several tracks on All Eyez On Me, 2pac's multi-platinum album released shortly before Shakur's death.

Beginning with his 1993 debut, Gas Chamber, C-BO made it clear that he planned on surprising rap listeners with his controversial lyrics, which would eventually land him in jail. Of course, the hardcore Californian's steady rise towards continued popularity increased year by year, with an album being released nearly every year following his jaw-dropping debut. With album titles such as Autopsy and Tales From the Crypt, C-BO quickly attained a cult following, similar to the small legions of listeners swarming perverse rappers such as Esham, Brotha Lynch Hung, and Three Six Mafia. Yet as C-BO began to mature as an artist, he moved away from exploitative themes, though he still ranked among the West Coast's most extreme hardcore rappers. By the time his 1998 album, Till My Casket Drops, the Cali rapper found himself debuting at number 41 on Billboard's Top 200 album chart, an amazing feat for such an underground rapper. In 2000 -- after oddly being jailed in 1998 for his lyrical content His 1994 debut album was entitled Gas Chamber, which was followed by The Autopsy in the same year. In 1995 both Tales from the Crypt and Best of C-Bo were released. One Life 2 Live was C-Bo's fifth album, released in 1997.

    C-Bo released his seventh album, The Final Chapter in 1999 on the A.W.O.L. Record label. Shortly after, though, West Coast Mafia (W.C.M.) C-Bo is the label he started. C-Bo's next album, titled Mob Figaz (album), was released in 1999. This album featured the group for the first time, in addition to appearances from rap icons Yukmouth and Spice 1. C-Bo's eighth album, 2000's Enemy of the State, was a breakthrough album, combining melodic West Coast beats with hard yet clever rap and a vast guest list of artists. In 2001, A.W.O.L. records released C-Bo's Best Appearances, a compilation album including music from 1991 through 1999. Also in 2001, C-Bo and Brotha Lynch released an album called Blocc Movement. The songs were patched together from the artists' separate material, as C-Bo was jailed during the making of the album. 2002 saw the release of Life As A Rider, featuring CJ Mac, Dresta, Young Meek, Killa Tay, Outlawz, Tray Dee, Yukmouth and others. Later in 2002 C-Bo released West Coast Mafia (album), which featured Yukmouth, E-40, Brotha Lynch, Killa Tay, CJ Mac and others. 2003 was a busy year as C-Bo released Sequentially Chopped N Screwed and, shortly thereafter, West Side Ryders and The Mobfather, followed up in 2004 by the unofficial album C-Bo's Lost Sessions and C-Bo has helped his younger brother Young Meek with his 2006 debut album South Areas Most. In October 2006, C-Bo signed to Cashville Records, a label started by Nashville rapper Young Buck, which is a sub-label to G-Unit Records.

In 2011, C-Bo inks a new deal with 50150 Records and Black Market Records to release his latest album Cali Connection.  This album feature Young Buck, The Outlaws, 211 and T-Nutty.