Brotha Lynch Hung

Brotha Lynch Hung (born Kevin Mann) is a rapper from Sacramento, CA who began rapping at 13. Lynch Hung’s lyrics are notorious for featuring highly explicit themes, including murder, rape and cannibalism. Lynch Hung debuted with the 1993 album 24 Deep, which featured stories of the struggles involved with being affiliated with a local street gang in Sacramento’s “Garden Blocc.” 
Brotha Lynch Hung has been described as the creator of the “horrorcore rap genre”, and has sold 2.4 million cds independently. His rapping style has been described as smooth and quickly delivered.
Some listeners argue that Lynch Hung’s 24 Deep album defines his musical style, but Lynch Hung has said in interviews and online forums that it does not.
Lynch Hung’s second album Season of Da Siccness in 1995 proved to be the one of the most gruesome and mysogynistic Gangsta Rap albums ever released, graphically chronicling a life of drug use and sale, promiscuity, ultra-violence, rape, infanticide, and supposed cannibalism. This is Lynch’s most commercially successful album, as it has now achieved platinum album sales status.
Lynch Hung’s lyrics are described as sicc — having the same meaning as the word sick but utilizing the double “C” which is characteristic of local Crip gangsters (loccs) in Sacramento, CA and other parts of California. Lynch has stated in his song “24 Gone” that he himself is a Crip, residing in Crip areas of Sacramento has had an influence on his lyrics. He has been in gang confrontations, and he was shot once. He describes his real life experiences in his lyrics. He has since released Loaded in 1997. The next Lynch album was released in 2000 called EBK4.  The label allegedly restricted his creativity by featuring artists on the album against Lynch’s will. Lynch asked his fans not to buy the album. He the released the Virus in 2001, Appearances: Book 1 in 2002, and in The Best of Brotha Lynch Hung."