Black Market Records now in Ghana and signs King Akwasi


King Akwasi has landed a lifetime record deal with the renowned music label Black Market Records Ghana. In his own words, King Akwasi confessed of how confident he is with the label knowing that they are going to take his music career to the next level.

Hailing from Ghana, the young multi talented artist acknowledged the fact that the Ghana music industry is easy to break into. Owing to the fact that Black Market Records has got his back, this is after the label announced their official branch launch in his country.

Akwasi, has promised to do whatever it takes to see his music career take off since it\’s his dream, passion and hobby to see himself elevate and put their music out there. He wants to fly his country\’s flag to the international levels and get the reception he deserves.

Black Market Records is the leading music label in Africa right now with affiliations across Africa and Ghana being the latest. They have impacted and nurtured different artists upto peak point in their musical careers, artists from Ghana and across the world should be engrossed to want to be part of this greatness.


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