Bandana Tha Ragg

Bandana, Tha Ragg grew up in the deadly 90’s, in city of Compton, California, in one of most notorious hoods in the nation, Fruit Town Piru.  As a youngster Bandana looked up to the gangsters.

His mother was addicted to drugs, and his Father was murdered, the role of raising the young Bandana went to the Grandparents. His Grandparent's love and care wasn'’t enough to keep the streets away from the youngster.  Bandana attended the most hardcore schools in Compton CA, Dickerson elementary, Davis middle school, and Centennial high school, and the S.E.A. Charter school. Most of the friends he grew up with are in jail, or dead. Bandana’'s music life started in early 1999, with Black Market Records, he moved to the Sacramento area to follow his dreams of being successful in the music game. He moved back to Compton due problems the a rap group he had signed with.  He needed a job to support his daughter.  When an old friend Jay-Ru Tha Ghuad was released from prison, the fire and passion was again burning in him. Bandana and Jay-Ru were known as the best rappers in Compton.  Bandana got Jay-Ru tha Ghaud a deal with Black Market Records after Jay-Ru was shot in his home.  After the shooting they flew to Sacramento with Young Rell tha Most.  They inked a deal in 2009.  Shortly after signing the deal Jay-Ru was shot again, and is now facing 14 years for aggravated assault.  Again more darkness.  He appeared in the Baron Davis movie, "Made In America" along with Academy award winner actor Forrest Whitaker. Bandana also appears on the movie soundtrack, with Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, The Lox. Jay Rock, Mack 10, Glasses Molone, and Nipsey Hussle.  Bandana hooked up with Illburn Records recording artist A-Wax and released the CD Burgundy Van Music, and followed that up with the mixtape 'On Ya Head Vol 1."  Bandana has worked with many of the west coast top rappers, like Redrum781, from Bangin on wax, Compton Menace of Black Wall Street, Coolio Da Unda Dogg, Big June, Gonzo of Kausion, Ya Hottie, Smigg Dirtee, Mac Dre, Relentless, Big Boy, Revenge, Young Jinx, Young Rell the Most, Beta, Bossalini, and Juicelee.

Bandana reconnected with Black Market Records to release his next album, entitled "Self Preservation."  He also started Python Records which is distributed by Black Market.  After my CD is released we plan to release the super group Hunnit Round Gang,featuring Young Rell The Most, Young Jinx Tha Curse, Cadillac Black, Shotime and Charley Criss. Bandana is bringing real hiphop back to the game, with good concepts along with great story telling, with one of the hottest voices on the west coast, Bandana will have no problem rappin his way to the top of the charts. His musical influences were Eaze E, 2Pac , DJ Train, LL Cool J, Master P, N.W.A., Reakwon, and Ghost face of Wu tang Clan. So watch out for Bandana Tha Ragg in the very near future, as he explains self reservation from a real G’s vision.