A New Release From Gengetone Grandmasters, Ochungulo Family

Ochungulo family is a trio band of members namely Nelly The Goon, D’More and Benzema. The three have been on the limelight for quite a while and have a common entity to the music world.
They have dominated the gengetone world for over four years now.

Throughout their career, they have had a couple of number one hits, with a few months old album titled Tamasha.
Hits like Krimino and Na iwake set the stage for this group’s success.

Now new signees under black market records, the trio already has a project in the making named Liquor Store.
The recognition this artists get is enough for us to gauge the influence they will bring forth with ‘ Liquor store’.

Produced by Jegede, the visulas/audio are set to premiere very soon.
Remember their hillarious song ‘Mbingijii Imekulwa Na Ndogi’? Well this new project might just follow suit.
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